From Grid to Cloud to Edge - what’s next?

Speaker: Christian Becker


Grid Computing envisioned easing the use of heterogeneous, distributed resources by providing a ubiquitous, simple abstraction analog to a power outlet. Although there has been substantial research, success was limited. This changed with the advent of cloud computing. Virtualization as abstraction works well for users as well as for the operation of data centers.

Looking at the current situation in Edge computing we see a heterogeneous computing landscape. After more of a decade of research, platforms and algorithms have been researched but major deployments are still not visible. In this talk I want to present two fundamental application models, report on experience with our Edge Computing platform Tasklets and propose a possible architecture for Edge Computing.

Short speaker biography

Christian Becker is a full professor for Computer Science at the University of Stuttgart since April 2022. Prior to that he was a full professor for Information Systems at the University of Mannheim from 2006 till 2022. Christian studied Computer Science at the Universities of Karlsruhe and Kaiserslautern where he graduated in 1996. He received his PhD from the University of Frankfurt in 2001. In 2001 he joined the distributed systems group at the University of Stuttgart as Post Doc. In 2004 he received the venia legendi (Habilitation) for Computer Science (Informatik). Christian’s research interests are Distributed Systems and Context-Aware Computing. He is specifically interested in architectures for adaptive systems and their application to distributed systems. Christian has published more than 200 technical papers. He is a member of the IEEE Pervasive Computing and Communication Conference (PerCom) steering committee. Christian is active in the community, e.g., he was general chair of IEEE PerCom in 2010, TPC chair in 2016. He was/is general chair of IEEE Mobile Data Management in 2007 and 2023 and contributed to many other scientific venues.